La Valise Hotel

La Valise focuses on hedonistic traveling attention through affordable luxury, comfort and a unique experience. It is a home away from home that appeals to sophisticated travelers seeking space to rest, explore and create.

La Valise Hotel is a luxurious small hotel and an urban refuge currently considered one of the hippest stays in Mexico City. It is located inside an early 20th century French style building in leafy Colonia Roma, a neighborhood teeming with contemporary art galleries, independent boutiques, great restaurants and trendy nightlife venues.
La Valise can be characterized as a place of tranquility and peace, with 3 essential features that travelers look for in a shelter outside home: comfort, uniqueness and beauty…. indeed its rooms are designed for lovers of details and savoir-vivre. 

El Patio (3).jpg

El patio

The first stop, the perfect place to relax and get rid of the shackles of everyday life. In this suite the gears of time seem to suspend every moment in eternity.

la luna

La Luna of La Valise breaks the myth that sequels are never good. Between heaven and earth, our second suite is an ideal place to find inspiration and rediscover the world.

La Terraza (1).jpg

la terraza

The surreal third and final suite on the highestpointof La Valise.    A place to dream, to love and to remember unique memories.




City of palaces, city of legends. Centuries of history contemplate this place formed by an infinite mosaic of colors and flavors, where national identity is portrayed in each corner reflecting a little piece of every state, city and town that make this country called Mexico.

This city has a particular wave that no other megalopolis on the planet has.

A place for every idea, every language, every belief. A city for the past and the future. To create, to love, to witness the beauty and madness of the world.

La Valise Hotel is pleased to present the wonderful Mexico City and its curated list of the best places to enjoy your stay with us.

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